Keep up to 83% of my commission, when buying 
ANY  new home through
ANY   builder 
in Texas!

New Home Rebates Up To 5% of Sales Price!

If you are planning to buy or build a new home from ANY participating home builder in TEXAS, and are willing to do the legwork yourself, you can keep up to 83% of my commission at closing!  'Time is Money' and you will be rewarded with this program! 

IF the home is over $200,000, then I will keep just 1% of the commission paid by the builder, whether it's 3% or up to 6%, which many builders pay on 'spec' homes or 'inventory' homes that are already under construction OR complete & ready for move-in.  So you will keep 5% of the commission (over 83% of the total) if the builder is offering 6%, and I will keep just 1%! 

Use your REALTOR rebate of up to 5% of the home's sale price to go towards:
Price reduction, closing costs, home upgrades OR cash back (if allowed by lender).


Builder X is offering 3% commission on a $340,000 home.
You keep 2% or $6,800.  I keep just 1%.

Builder Y is offering 5% commission on a $280,000 home.
You keep 4% or $11,200.  I keep just 1%.

Builder Z is offering 6% commission on a $305,000 home.
You keep 5% (over 83% of total commission) or $15,250.  I keep just 1%.

For new homes under $200,000, I keep 1.5%.  You keep all the commission over that!

** ALL cash bonuses (aside from commissions) paid by builders will be split 50/50 with my clients. Non-cash incentives can't be split.


      • Sitterle Homes - Leander (Deerbrooke).  $358,000 approx.  3% commission. Client saved over $7,160!!  Closed February, 2018                                                                                                          
      • Meritage Homes - Georgetown (Morningstar).  $280,000 approx.  3% commission.  Client saved $5,600!!  Closed November, 2017                                                                                                                                                
      • DR Horton Homes - Round Rock (Somerville).  $346,000 aprox.  3% commission.  Client saved $6,920!!  Closed August, 2017                                                                                                      
      • Ashton Woods - Round Rock (Retreat at Town Centre).  $274,455.  3% commission.  Client saved $5,489!!  Closed October, 2016                             
      • Gehan - Hutto (Emory Farms).  $245,362.  3% commission.  Client saved $4,907!!  Closed August, 2016                                                                          
      • Pacesetter Homes - Austin (Knollwood).  $351,690.  3% commission.  Client saved $7,032!!  Closed January 15, 2016                                                                               
      • ** Village Builders - Leander (Caballo Ranch).  $474,900.  5% commission.  Client saved $18,996!!    (My LARGEST rebate to date!).  Closed August 24, 2015                                                                                                                                                              
      • Overlook Estates (Builder's LOT).  $150,000.  3% commission.  Closed December, 2014.  Client saved $3,000!!  "David, thank you for all your help!  It took a few tries, but we finally got it.  Have a wonderful holiday season."  -Shannon & Aslam A.                                                                                                    
      •  Ryland Homes - Leander (Savanna Ranch).  $223,000.  3% commission.  Closed October, 2014.  Client saved $4,460!!                                                                              
      • Taylor Morrison - Crystal Falls.  $355,000.  3% commission.  Closed - September, 2014.  Client saved $7,100!! 

      • Pulte Homes - Round Rock (Paloma Lake).  $220,000.  3% commission.  Closed September, 2014.  Client saved $4,400!!    "David, thanks for your help.  Our cousin (in the title business) told us to tell you hi!  I told her we had been working with you & she had great things to say."  -Christyn & Lee D.                                                                                                                          
      • Wilshire Homes - Hutto.  $218,000.  3% commission.  Closed August, 2014.  Client saved $4,360!!
      • DR Horton - Cedar Park (Town Center).  $214,000.  4% commission.  Client saved $6,420!!  (3% rebate)!!    -"Working with David was great, and refreshingly easy when purchasing our new home. He was able to help iron out a few kinks, as well as answer our questions to complete satisfaction. On top of that, out of the 4% commission he received, he gave us 3 to go towards bringing the price of our home down, and buying a smaller interest rate. We highly recommend him for new home purchases!"  -Anthony & Shea A.                                                                                             
      • Ashton Woods Homes.  Inventory home - 5% commission!  Closed - September, 2013.  Client saved just over $14,700 (4% rebate)!!                         
      • Gehan Homes - Pflugerville.  $235,000.  3% commission.  Closed - March, 2014.  Client saved $4,700!!   "David, I know you probably had to work a lot harder than normal for 1/3 commission but we really appreciate all your help and words of wisdom along the way.  Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!"  Brian & Heather L.                                                                                                                                                                   
      • KB Homes - San Antonio.  $144,000.  3% commission.  Closed - June, 2014.  Client saved $2,880!!                                                                                             
      • Lennar - Hutto Highlands.  $185,000.  3% commission.  Closed October, 2013.  Client saved $3,700!!.  "Thanks David for your help with the rebate program purchasing my first home. The process ran pretty smooth and my worries have finally dissipated. My cousin is looking into possibly purchasing a house and I'll definitely refer him to you when he is ready."  -Michael M. 

'What is the Catch?'

The 'catch' is that you have to establish a buyer's agency relationship w/ me as your buyer's agent BEFORE your first trip to the builder.  Very simple.  Just contact me by phone or email & I'll send you the brief paperwork that establishes this relationship.  This 'protects' your rebate and also gives you peace of mind in knowing that a licensed Texas REALTOR is looking over your builder contract & providing guidance along the way, representing your best interests from contract to closing.  I've been a full-time licensed Texas REALTOR since 1994!                   I'm celebrating 23 years in real estate in 2017!

Just about every builder in the state, especially all the larger builders, love working with REALTORS, and are happy to have us involved in the sale, and gladly pay REALTOR commissions to licensed Texas REALTORS.  Since we bring most builders over half of their business, they basically figure the commissions into their prices up front and will not adjust the price based on whether or not you have a Real Estate agent representing you.  They cannot legally drop the price by the commission amount, since that would be the same thing as paying a 'non-licensed' person a real estate commission.  So, this program is a win-win for us.  You are getting the majority of my commission & I am earning a small piece of the pie for assisting you through the process, while saving a lot of 'research' time on the front end! 

This program isn't for everyone.  If you need a lot of guidance & don't know where you want to live or what builder you like, then you may need more 'traditional' services provided by REALTORS, which I have also been providing to clients over my 18 year real estate career.  In this case, I will be happy to drive you around & be with you every step of the way.  I will still offer a 1% rebate, but I will need to keep the rest, for all the extra time & service that will be needed.  My FULL-SERVICE site is:

The same thing applies to resale homes.  I will be happy to assist you with any resale home in the Austin-area's MLS, and give you a 1% rebate at closing.  Typically, most existing homes (or resale homes) offer just 3% commission to buyer's agents and these are much more time consuming than new homes, from the real estate agents' perspective.  
Remember, 'Time is Money'.

MOVE-UP PROGRAM:  Do you have a home you need to sell first (in the Austin area)?  I will discount the listing down to 4.5% commission (vs. 6%) on homes over $200k (5% for homes under $200k).  You will still get the 'HUGE' commission rebate when you close on your new home, as well.  My full-service listings include:  professional color flyers, MLS, virtual tour, text for info, custom property web page, staging assistance, professional representation, YouTube video, 40+ top portal listing sites & more.


The rest of this web site consists of helpful links & information regarding many of the top builders in Austin & the entire Texas area.  You can do much of your research from these pages, including finding out information on available 'spec' homes, 'Inventory' homes or 'Quick move-in' homes in different communities around Austin & all of Texas.


David Hooker, REALTOR
Horizon Realty
(512) 656-7392


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